How does your shipping work?

We’re fortunate that our chocolate bar packaging fits into letter mail.  This means it only costs us $3 to ship anywhere in Canada and $6 to the USA.

We charge for the first package but cover the cost for every package after that – so your max shipping on an order of chocolate bars is capped at a pretty reasonable rate.

No other items will fit in letter mail so small parcel rates apply – it’s usually around $13 so we standardize at that number.  Same principle as the bars – we cover the shipping for every item after the first.

Shipping is applied by category; bars and other.  The max shipping you will ever see is $16 in Canada and $19 (CAD) for our US friends.

The more you get in an order – the more you save!

Is your packaging printed on eco friendly paper?

We use classic laid papers which are:

  • FSC Certified, ensuring responsible forestry
  • Geen-e Certified, made using 100% renewable green electricity
  • Green Seal Certified, using 30% post consumer fibers
  • Carbon neutral
  • Chlorine free

We don’t list any of this on our packaging because we don’t want to distract from what really matters; the chocolate.

Using eco-friendly paper doesn’t improve the quality of the chocolate but it does represent our brand; simple and natural.


Do you have organic chocolate?

Some of our chocolate is certified organic, however, we strip the organic labels.

Cacao is not an industrial grown crop.  Most of the world’s cacao is farmed by smallholder farmers (average of 3 hectares).  For the most part these farmers cannot afford pesticides or other chemicals.  There are tons of challenging facing cacao cultivation, none of which are addressed with being designated organic.

To create an even playing field we would prefer if you did not use organic certification as a quality criteria for chocolate.

What are your ingredients?

All McGuire Chocolate is two ingredients;

Cacao Beans

Organic Cane Sugar