About Us

Our Story

McGuire Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate maker with a focus on preparing a simple and high quality product from the inside out.


Mark stumbled across cacao beans while backpacking around Central America. While eating these beans as a healthy, lightweight snack he couldn’t help but wonder how did this turn into chocolate?


After some attempts to make chocolate on his travels,  [roasting cacao over a fire, peeling beans by hand and putting them through a meat grinder] Mark returned to Calgary with a suitcase full of cacao looking for a chocolate maker to learn from.


He quickly realized there were a lot of people working with chocolate but not many making chocolate from the cacao bean.


Now, we have been making chocolate for over six years and we continue to evolve our products and hone our craft.


Our passion for chocolate grew in Calgary, but we are now located in beautiful St Andrews-by-the-Sea where we have scaled our chocolate making operations.  We have a café storefront on Water Street where we also make ice cream, bread, and baked goods using our bean to bar chocolate.


We wanted a business we could integrate with our family life. We live above the store and this allows for a short commute and increased quality time with our family.

About the chocolate

We are proud to champion a transparent and growing supply chain while sharing amazing chocolate with the world.


Bean to bar  dark chocolate made with only three ingredients is our focus. Our chocolate is primarily single origin, made with fermented cacao grown by small farmers/profit sharing co-ops, organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter.


Single origin chocolate allows for a variety of flavour profiles between chocolate bars. Every dark chocolate bar you see in our shop will have a different flavour profile. These flavour profiles are based on many influencers from both the cacao farms and our process. Primary influencers include: cacao bean origin, fermentation process, cacao bean roast and grind times.


We encourage you to try a few bars side by side with a friend. Break off a piece and make sure you let it melt in your mouth. See which flavours you can pick out.

Who is Hank?

Hank is our cat!


We adopted Hank from the Calgary Humane Society in 2015. We loved him right away because of his playful attitude and piercing eyes. He is always looking for a piece of wool to play with or a warm spot to relax in.


Hank gives THE BEST purrs. He will crawl on our chest and insist we take a break from time to time.


So, the Hank Series is based on him and his many purrsonalities. These bars are  made up of fermented cacao, organic cane sugar and the highest sourced inclusion ingredients we can find.


These days you can find Hank in the ally behind the store with his adopted son Tam. Hank loves being outside. He has many cat and people friends in town.