Mark and Victoria, of McGuire Chocolate.  We make chocolate from the cacao bean by roasting, grinding and adding cane sugar.

It wasn't always this way.  Flash back to 2015 and Mark was opportunistically travelling the globe, hopping continents, when he stumbled across cacao beans in Nicaragua.  This started him down a path that eventually led me to my love. Chocolate.  I mean, Victoria.

Today we operate a suite of small batch equipment to produce fine flavour chocolate from many varieties of cacao beans.  It is a bit of a different strategy from most chocolate makers, who pick a few beans to work with - which certainly has its economical benefits.  But we like the idea of tasting lots of chocolate side by side. We can't refuse finding and trying a quality, or interesting bean.

Aside from being a little bean crazy, we try to keep it simple.  We hope you appreciate the unique qualities in our natural chocolate.

M + V