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Chocolate Shop & Cafe

The Shop

Located on the main strip of beautiful St. Andrews, just across the street from the ocean, the McGuire Chocolate Company is a must visit.

A recently renovated space with indoor seating for 25, stay for a while to enjoy your latte & chocolate. Soak in the smells of freshly baked bread & roasted cacao beans.

Or you can enjoy your treats out front under the awning, next to locally grown flowers. Either way its the perfect set up for good conversation & people watching.


174 Water Street,

St. Andrews, NB, E5B 1B2



Handcrafted Small Batch Chocolate

We only use the simplest, best quality ingredients we can find.

No fillers, artificial sweeteners, soy or emulsifiers.

Chocolate production is happening everyday at the shop. You are always welcome to come in and sneak a peak through the viewing glass or you can channel your inner Willy Wonka & book a full Chocolate Factory Tour here.

Artisanal Bread

We have fresh artisinal breads baked daily on site.

Our breads are handmade with a focus on long, slow fermentation. We offer one type a day and it is available until sold out.

Scroll down for a look at our bread schedule.


Stop in for your daily coffee fix. We serve espresso based drinks and like to feature a rotation of different coffee roasters. Right now we are pulling shots roasted by Moncton’s Epoch Chemistry Coffee House.

Coffee not your thing? We also carry a selection of organic teas, cold drinks & of course chocolate drinks. Hot chocolate, anyone?

Ice Cream

All of our ice cream is made in house. We feature a rotation of flavours you haven’t tried before. Examples include: Lavender Honey, Lemon Basil, Rootbeer & Disaronno.

We also have our signature Sweet Cream & Single Origin Chocolate.


1 scoop     $4

2 scoops    $5

3 scoops    $6

1/2 lb tub  $10

Pint     $20
bring your own container or refundable $2.50 glass jar deposit

Brownie Sundae   $7

Sauce/ Topping   $0.50

Full Loaf   $7

Half Loaf   $4

Bread Schedule

Tuesday Overnight White

Wednesday Rosemary

Thursday Whole Wheat Honey Oat

Friday Light Rye

Saturday Sourdough


*schedule subject to changes

Slice of Bread   $1.75

Slice of Toast   $2

add Butter or Cream Cheese   $0.50

add Honey Butter or Maple Butter   $0.75

Our Staples

Chocolate Chunk Cookie   $2.25

Brownie   $4.75

Peanut Butter Bar   $4

Some Extras


Chocolate Scone

Nib Bun


All of our treats are made – from scratch – in house and feature our chocolate. We may not always have each item in stock.



Americano   $3.50
Double shot of espresso topped up with hot water.

Latte   $4.50
Double shot of espresso with steamed milk and foam.

Mocha   $6
Double shot of espresso with rotating single origin dark chocolate, milk and foam.

Espresso   $3.25
Double shot of espresso, straight up.

Cappuccino   $4
Double shot of espresso, steamed milk & lots of foam.

Our espresso is freshly roasted by Epoch Chemistry Coffee House in Moncton, New Brunswick. All the coffee beans they work with are transparently sourced, like our cacao beans.
– Decafe available –


Assorted Tea   $3
Please ask to see our tea menu for current offerings.

Supplied by Canadian tea company Tealish.


Earl Grey   $4
Creamy & floral. Earl grey tea combined with steamed milk.

Masala Chai   $4
Spicy & rich. Chai tea combined with steamed milk.


Traditional   $5.50
A sweetened single origin hot chocolate perfect for a chilly day.

Dark   $5.50
For those of us who are sweet enough. Rotating single origin chocolate feature.

Señor   $5.50
A spicy pick-me-up inspired by traditional Central American cacao drinks. Guatemalan cacao + Guatemalan chili.

Add a toasted homemade marshmallow. Corn syrup free. $0.50

Cold Drinks

Chocolate Milk   $5
Decadent and made with single origin chocolate

Almost any hot drink can be made over ice

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