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1. How does your shipping work?

2. Is your packaging printed on eco friendly paper?

Our package is made from paper which is:

  • FSC Certified, ensuring responsible forestry
  • Geen-e Certified, made using 100% renewable green electricity
  • Green Seal Certified, using 30% post consumer fibers
  • Carbon neutral
  • Chlorine free

We don’t list any of this on our packaging because we don’t want to distract from what really matters; the chocolate.

Using eco-friendly paper doesn’t improve the quality of the chocolate but it does represent our brand; simple and natural.

3. Do you have organic chocolate?

Some of our chocolate is certified organic, however, we strip the organic labels.

Cacao is not an industrial grown crop.  Most of the world’s cacao is farmed by smallholder farmers (average of 3 hectares).  For the most part these farmers cannot afford pesticides or other chemicals.  There are tons of challenging facing cacao cultivation, none of which are addressed with being designated organic.

To create an even playing field we would prefer if you did not use organic certification as a quality criteria for chocolate.

4. What are your ingredients?

Most of McGuire Chocolate bars are made with two ingredients;

Cacao Beans

Cane Sugar

Cacao Butter

The Hank Series and Side Show line have some extra ingredients. We source the cleanest, purest, highest quality ingredients we can find.

You will never find soy, emulsifiers, artificial colours or flavours in any of our bars.

5. Why is craft chocolate so expensive?


  • Craft chocolate is made from fermented cacao which requires structures to be built and operated in remote areas
  • 95% of all chocolate is made from unfermented cacao resulting in a bitter product that required lots of sugar and other additives to be palatable.


  • Due to the combination of friction and aeration during the refining process natural flavours evolve in chocolate
  • The use of soy and other lecithin products dramatically reduce the time required for the chocolate to refine
  • Mass produced chocolate contains a lecithin for economical advantages while craft chocolate makers rarely go down this path


  • Craft chocolate is made in small batches which means bars are packaged with care by hand
  • Packaging will provide transparency about cacao content and the source of the ingredients


  • Craft chocolate promotes a happy and sustainable supply chain by ensuring all participants are fairly compensated
  • With emphasis on quality you can feel good bout nourishing yourself

6. How do you source your beans?

We primarily work with two distributors: Meridian Cacao and Uncommon Cacao.

We also get beans from Delicacies Valley, and directly trade with Nahua in Coasta Rica

7. Do you ever visit the farms?

We went to Costa Rica in April 2017 where we visited Nahua and a couple of cacao farms. We can’t wait to go visit more farms!

We are lucky to work with distributors whom are regularly engaged with each origin and help to provide a transparent connection for our supply chain.

8. What is your refund policy? (Though we wouldn’t say this is frequently asked for)

If your chocolate is defective in any way we are happy to replace it.

Please let us know what the issue is and we’ll work out an arrangement.