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75% Bourbon Dark Chocolate


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A limited release chocolate bar infused with bourbon.

Cacao origin: Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

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This aromatic chocolate was made by soaking Kokoa Kamili cacao nibs in a Bulleit bourbon for 1 week. We then carefully dry the nibs before we begin grinding.

We paired Kokoa Kamili nibs with Bulleit Bourbon because of their complimentary citrus notes.

The Kokoa Kamili fermentary, located in the Kilimanjaro valley, purchases wet cacao beans from almost 3000 smallholder farmers, most of whom farm between 0.5-2 acres of cocoa. Prior to the founding of Kokoa Kamili the only cacao companies in the country were focused on buying large volumes of commodity cocoa for cheap, cheap, cheap. The result: Tanzania had one of the lowest GDP per capita rates in the world for rural cacao farmers.

In Kokoa Kamili’s first year alone their farmers received the highest prices in Tanzania for their cocoa.  Kokoa Kamili pays a premium – well above the market rate – to farmers for their ‘wet’ cocoa, and conducts its own fermentation and drying. By taking over the fermentation and drying process, Kokoa Kamili can produce more consistent, higher quality cocoa beans. This method gives farmers a reduced workload, along with greater compensation, and the farmers are paid immediately after the cooperative receives its wet beans.



On the front of this chocolate bar you will find an image of two whiskey glasses. Cheers!

Kokoa Kamili was among those first 10 that we experimented with and is the only one that we still work with 5 years later.

The artwork on the package was completed by Kristofer Parley. Kristofer is a Victoria based artist who focuses on working with water colours and ink. We met him our first year in St. Andrews while he was staying in town for the KIRA Artist Residency. For more information on him please visit the Staying Creative Studio.

Cacao beans sourced from: Meridian Cacao.

Ingredients: Cacao beans*, Cane sugar*, Cocoa butter*, Bourbon. May contain: Peanuts, Tree nuts.
Ingrédients: Fèves de cacao*, Sucre de canne*, Beurre de cacao, Bourbon. Peut contenir: Des arachides, Noix.
*Certified organic/ Certifié biologique

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 7 × 1.5 × 15 cm

1 review for 75% Bourbon Dark Chocolate

  1. Joanne Ring (verified owner)

    Bought another one of these today. The levels of flavour are beyond compare.

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