Big Booty Hank

A Smooth Cream-Animal

born on: May 06, 1889
lives in: the now

The cat known as Big Booty Hank was never a body builder. He wasn’t a jogger.  He didn’t really play any sports.  He’s always liked being outside but his idea of a good time certainly did not involve exerting himself.  Sweating is kind of awkward when your sweat glands are in your paws.

Eat, nap, playful banter, rinse, repeat.  That’s the life for Hank.  When life consists of so few things each one should be done to the fullest and with conviction.  When Hank naps he is not simply recharging the batteries.  He is not escaping anything. He is not chasing anything.  He is enjoying himself in blissful relaxation. He can so he does.  If you put a new toy in front of Hank he will not simply play with it. Things happen on Hank’s time and at Hank’s will.  He has complete control over his world (at least that’s what he believes).

When it comes to food, only the finest things will do.  You won’t find him counting calories.  He can’t even pronounce the word diet.  Over indulgence isn’t something Hank is concerned with.  A big booty is something calm, and cool Hank carries with confidence.

Anything that feels good couldn't possibly be bad
Big Booty Hank