Buccaneer Hank

A Salty Sea Cat

born on: March 09, 1535
lives in: Infamy

Civilized lands were home to the most savage people of all and Hank had little patience for civilization.  Nation was not a notion that he would waste a life on.  A life on the sea would provide the opportunity to be free of care and the unjust treatment unequivocally accosted to an alley cat.  In the early years there was no where to go but up for this rough scallywag.

His first time on a ship however was not by choice. He was bagged on the dark night streets of Plymouth and by morning he was forced into service on a privateer vessel. Initially this imposition was met with bitter resistance but Hank soon realized that energy was best saved for contact with enemy vessels.  The best way to make friends was by finding a common enemy and on the open sea anyone with better provisions made a fine foe.

Buccaneer Hank soon gained a reputation for being resourceful when others were woeful.  Earning the respect of his crew mates – not just for his prowess in battle but for doing the little things day in and day out.  There are many long and uneventful stretches when you’re at the mercy of the winds.  When one day a prize came blowing over the horizon, Buccaneer Hank was the natural choice to captain the sloop.


Now matter how careful we are, there is simply no way to go through this life unscathed.
Buccaneer Hank