Peanut Hank

A Health Nut

born on: January 06, 1895
lives in: side all of us

There was a time when Peanut Hank was simply known as Hank.  He strut, slept, and purred aimlessly through life.  The lens of boredom was just his reality.  That was until the day that changed Hank’s life forever.

The year was 1901 and scuffed up chap (clearly down on his luck) knocked on Hank’s door claiming to be a medical salesman.  He was pushing a newly developed product said to be a meat substitute for folks who had no teeth and struggled to chew.  Hank has an insecurity about his small little nubbins which is masked by short bursts of rage.  If the salesman wasn’t in desperate need he probably wouldn’t have tolerated the abuse.  Since Hank’s cute little nubbins truly did hinder his ability to consume protein rich meat they eventually landed on a sample.

Hank found that peanut butter on its own got stuck to the roof of his mouth and while tasty was not the convenience he required. By pure coincidence Hank was double boiling some chocolate to feed to his new neighbor; Roger the dog.  The salesman, curious, as he had never seen chocolate in person, stuck his hand right in the pot.  Hank watched in disgust as he thought this salesman has overstayed his welcome.  As this scruff licked his fingers in delight, Hank lost his manners and asked him to take his product and scurry long.  Having not eaten all the chocolate before grabbing for the chocolate..the rest is (or isn’t) history.

Peanuts are not actually nuts. They are legumes
Peanut Hank