Señor Hankito

A Spicy Piece of Grit

born on: March 27, 1521
lives in: a Guatemalan Hideaway

The Spaniard Señor Hankito was raised to call father looked nothing like him.  He walked upright on two legs, had a perpetual stench, and had empty, non compassionate eyes.  In the early years the young Hankito thought nothing of these dissimilarities but as he explored the lands referred to as the “new world” he began to notice that reality was not lining up with what he was being taught .  It was strange to him that the land was referred to as the new world as it was the only world he had ever known.

His father Hernan did not care for the people of his land but rather seemed more concerned for what the people could do for him in service.  It took many years for Hankito to realize what he must do but it became clear that life in the new world would be better off without this kitties tyrant father.

Señor Hankito would not go on to be a great leader and you will not find him in the history books.  But there is more to history than what is written down.

Spice brings the variety to life
Señor Hankito