Why Choose McGuire Chocolate Co.

Hi, we are the faces behind the McGuire Chocolate Company


McGuire Chocolate is a family run bean-to-bar chocolate making business. We focus on preparing a simple and high quality product from the inside out. We began our chocolate making adventure five years ago when Mark stumbled upon cacao beans in Central America. Since then we have been working hard to turn those powerful little seeds into delicious chocolate.

In 2019 we moved from Calgary to beautiful Saint Andrews-by-the-Sea where we have scaled our chocolate making operations. We operate a café storefront on Water Street where we also make ice cream, bread, and baked goods using our chocolate.

Our Products

Our chocolate is made by roasting fermented cacao beans and then grinding into chocolate which is molded into bars.

We work through our transparent supply chain network to locate farms and cooperatives that are doing a quality job of fermenting cacao.

Through our network, and in some cases direct relationships with the source, farmers are given coaching, feedback and incentive. Farmers earn on average 100% more by having their cacao fermented. As only 5% of the global output is currently being fermented this presents an opportunity for a substantially improved quality of life for farmers around the world.

We take these fermented cacao beans and make chocolate that showcases the unique nature of each origin.

Branding & Packaging

We collaborate two two different artists for our packaging.

The artwork for the Hank series is completed by Calgary based artist Jim Little. He captures Hank’s likeness in photo-realistic pencil drawings. We met Jim at a small market in Calgary and insisted that he must draw our cat. These images are so detailed we often have to tell people they are not photos.

The artwork for the Origin Bars were completed by Kristofer Parley. Kristofer is a Victoria based artist who focuses on working with water colours and ink. We met him our first year in Saint Andrews while he was staying in town for the KIRA Artist Residency. When we saw his artwork we knew it was just the style we wanted for our rebrand after relocating to the East Coast.

Our chocolate bars are wrapped in gold foil and sealed in a paper box.

Since we focus on the artwork we have minimal text on the front of the package. For the most part it is just our logo and the chocolate percentage.

The display case shows chocolate bar name and origin.

The back of the chocolate box has barcode, nutritional information, cacao origin, best before date and batch number.