Big Plans for 2024

Big Plans for 2024

Organization & Focus
We made the difficult decision to close our store front during the winter so that we can focus on planning for major 2024 transformational items. 
A part of this transformation is the ceasing of bread making to double down on core elements of our business; chocolate and ice cream.

With the impending introduction of a horizontal flow wrapper into our packaging workflow, we are taking an important step towards increasing the scale and accessibility of our chocolate with improved production efficiency.


Our chocolate bar packaging will get a completely new feel but our branding will remain the same – don’t worry, Hank isn’t going anywhere.  It will take the better part of the year for these changes to start to appear. 

In the meantime, some bars will be out of stock indefinitely while others will be on a sustained SALE while we try to sell out of our existing packaging to line up with the launch off our new look and feel! 

Ice Cream

Two new products are being added to our in-store ice cream offerings; soft serve and milkshakes.

The soft serve will be made in house to the same quality of our scooped ice cream. We have some experimenting to do but the intention is to expand our selection for children with smaller servings and add-ons for sundaes.  

Milkshakes will give another new format to enjoy our ice cream and cool down while savouring the serene setting of our beautiful town.


We are currently developing a line of dairy-free nut truffles.

We will be changing the look of our truffles as we begin to work with a natural line of coloured cocoa butters.

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