Cacao Origins: Kokoa Kamili

Cacao Origins: Kokoa Kamili

When we first started McGuire Chocolate in 2016, we bought 10lbs of 10 different origins to get a feel for the variety in the cacao world.   Kokoa Kamili is the only one of those original origins we still work with, so it is the chocolate bar that bares our storefront on the packaging. We love the gentle sweet citrus notes nuzzled in a warm and pleasant chocolate.


Kokoa Kamili is a cacao company based in Tanzania that sources, ferments, and exports high-quality cacao beans to chocolate makers around the world. The company was founded in 2013 by Brian LoBue and Simran Bindra, who were inspired by the potential of Tanzania's cacao industry and the opportunity to improve the livelihoods of local farmers.


Kokoa Kamili works directly with smallholder farmers in the Kilombero Valley region of Tanzania, where the cacao is grown. The company pays farmers a premium price for their high-quality beans, which are then carefully fermented and dried at the company's facility. This process is crucial for developing the complex flavors and aromas that make the cacao beans so prized by chocolate makers.


The cacao beans from Kokoa Kamili are known for their fruity and floral flavors, with notes of red fruit, citrus, and honey. These unique flavor profiles have made the company a favorite among craft chocolate makers, who value the quality and traceability of the cacao beans.


In addition to producing high-quality cacao, Kokoa Kamili is also committed to improving the lives of the farmers it works with. The company provides training and support to help farmers improve the quality and quantity of their cacao harvests, and pays a premium price that is often double what farmers would receive from local middlemen. This helps to create a more sustainable and equitable cacao industry in Tanzania, and supports the livelihoods of the farmers who produce the cacao beans.


At McGuire Chocolate, we source these cacao beans through Meridian Cacao. as of May 2023 we use this origin for four of our chcoolate bars:

- Kokoa Kamili 70% Dark Chocolate

- Kokoa Kamili 80% Dark Chocolate

- 75% Bourbon Dark Chocolate

- Big Booty Hank 52% Milk Chocolate

- Mulled Wine 70% Dark Chocolate

Photos used with permission from Kokoa Kamili.

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