Chocolate Bars

Browse the full selection of bars and add your favorites to My Chocolate – they will appear on the tab to the left of your screen.  When you’re ready, Proceed to Order to fill as many single or three bar boxes as you please.  Single bars are $10 and a three bar box is $25.


Beans and Nibs

Raw cacao beans and roasted cacao nibs are available for order.  These health food products are 100% cacao in pre-chocolate forms.


Special Offers

Here you will find all of the seasonal offerings, workshops, and special items that are being offered.  Many products are available for a limited time.


Chocolate Subscription

Sign up to receive chocolate bars to your door every month! We hand select the bars based off themes, seasons and new products.  Our subscription members receive a discounted rate and the plan can be cancelled anytime the subscriber chooses.