Chocolate Equipment for sale

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Sometimes we have chocolate equipment for sale and this is where you can find what we have available.


Cracker and winnower

We have a Crankandstein cracker has been welded to a cart with wheels. It can hold about 4kg of cacao beans in the hopper. It has an electric motor which has an adjustable speed and can crack very quickly. Cart size is roughly 24w x34l x46h inches providing workable table surface as well. 

Included is the winnower we built. We currently hand feed it after cracking all our beans. 

This system has served us very well!

We are asking $1500 plus shipping (if applicable)

The total cost new was over $3000




DCM Breeze Winnower

This winnower is new to market. It is a really great, compact unit.Approx 7 month old and in like-new condition. 20x21 inches and 61 inches to the top of the hopper. We are currently asking $3000 plus shipping (if applicable). Vacuum not included.


50lbs Table top melter

This melter is from Savage Brothers. It does not require water hook-ups - you just fill it with distilled water and this unit will melt and store liquid chocolate.

This unit is in like new condition. Purchased in 2019 for approx $8000 CAD we are asking $4000 plus shipping (if applicable).


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